Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nora (Davina)

She said:

Hi. I'm Nora. There are thousands of snakes in my yard.
Thousands. We have green mambas and black mambas
and cobras and rattlesnakes and my dad kills them

Is it true? Is it true? That you're seventeen?
I thought you were thirteen. You must be thirteen.
I'm eight years old. (Well then, I thought you were five, I said.)
No, I'm eight. (Five.) I'm EIGHT. (FIVE.)
Fine, you're seventeen!

I met Orangieanna today. She's that girl over there,
in the orange shirt. (You mean Kate?)
I can't remember her name, so I call her Orangieanna.

Take me closer, I must have the perfect view—stop
right here! Wow, there's a lot of blood. Is that the heart?
(No, that's just part of the throat. You're not grossed out?)
It's not gross.
It's a pig.

Rock, paper, scissors, think—
that means you do whatever you want. Ready?
One, two, three, NUCLEAR BOMB!
Yes, of course I win.

You know, I remember your mom now. She was one of
my best friends. You look like her.

Can you carry me? I'm sorry. I have a blister
on my foot. I can kind of walk, but. . . Thanks.

I'm looking at you really really hard,
so I won't miss you too much when you go.
(Oh, Nora,
I don't want to leave.)
It's okay.
I'll see you again.

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