Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Moondance (Alix)


Tonight’s a busy night for Mind.
Spine softly neglects any impulse to move
denying electrons transport to Body
like a bitter, jet-lagged airplane attendant
or a mother disciplining over-active children.
Brain is steeping in its acid bath
while Blood swims mysteriously around it;
a chemical raindance contained within Skull.
Muscles forget the burdens of the day
sighing with the relief of a sailor’s rope
when it breaks Boat’s conversation with Harbor.
Skin settles down on Flesh,
and Hair relinquishes its humidity.

But Mind is hungry for awakeness.
Mind’s desires mount as Moon takes the sky.
It yearns for control of Body
to shake and shimmy with the fireflies
In the dense summer air of Hair’s animosity.
Mind throws colors behind Eyes
wetting their appetite for the thrill of moonlight
promising euphoric dazzlement.
Mind sends shakes down Spine
Who can’t deny its love of twisting,
stretching out on hot white fields
as morning dew makes it tickle and shiver.
Mind is the rabble rouser,
the fire in Lungs that forces them to sing,
the itch in Hands that only clapping can scratch,
the sleep in Feet that needs shaking out,
and the beat of Heart that keeps time
for Mind’s midsummer caper.

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