Thursday, July 17, 2014

Abbey (Alix)

In these hallowed halls, your master proclaim,
each stone that you've hewn, each brick that you've lain,
these heavenly windows that hang in the stone,
that color the sunlight and soften it's tone.

Your hands have been blistered in doing God's will,
your backs have been broken, your souls have been filled.
You've given this city both heartbeat and breath,
a place that holds tears and silences death.

The orders you've carried out stand out, and well,
when judging God's palace against flames of Hell.
You've proven that mankind has all of Christ's passion,
and heaven is closer than we can imagine.

This chapel, immortal. Forever stands tall,
ascribed to a savior and God for us all.
We fall on our faces and worship the lamb,
inside of this palace built only by man.

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