Thursday, November 6, 2014

To Do (Meghan)

To Do

Laundry (guest towels, running socks)
Iron (three dresses wrinkled since last Fall)
Dishes (the crock still caked with brie, the painted coffee mugs)
Read (essays or that book you borrowed?  The chapter you keep promising?)
Exercise (strength)
Exercise (stamina)
Exercise caution.  You’ve fallen in love.
Sleep.  By 10. 
Sleep. Ok, 10:30.
Pray the dreams will stop. (The ones where he just stands there watching.)
Notice the changing leaves.
Notice the failing heel cap on my left black dress shoe. (Resolve to buy new shoes)
Pay bills.  Borrow from Peter to pay Paul.  Think about killing Peter.
Write a memory.  Make it immortal.
Forget what happened yesterday.
Wait (for the train, eastbound)
Wait (for the words on your brain to appear on your lips)
Wait, but stop waiting.  It’s already happening.
Lose at backgammon again, but keep trying.
Believe that you can win.

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