Sunday, August 31, 2014

You from Me (Alix)

Here there are no midnight calls-
floor meets flesh and bones divorce, 
voices flying through the pitch
writhing with adrenaline shakes. 
I sleep soundly, here. 

There is no sadness thick on my chest. 
Your face is stranger to me, now
no sadness is expected,
and I can wear my joy with pride. 

Here, I'm pulled after my heart. 
My mind is often left behind
pleasantly unhampered by
the love and fear I felt for you. 

Your screams have turned to whispers, slowly
as distance and learned deafness grow:
oceans carefully fostered
to drown them out. 

And there?
Your world isn't colder?
Your cries are just as loud, and answered?
Now there is no crying back. 
Heart meets mind and mind prevails. 
Sadness doesn't soak you through 
to mend the bones you broke for me. 

I'll never miss the heart-attack nights,
the pleas for help piercing my dreams,
but I'm not needed like I was
to rescue you from yourself. 
Now I've rescued you from me. 

And me?
Who will rescue me?

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