Monday, June 23, 2014

Just For You (Alix)

Just for You

Your head rests heavy in my lap,
a space that I keep just for you,
as sunlight plays peek-a-boo
through the blinds I couldn't buy.

Your baby breath lights up my knee
cherry lips frame Cheerio-blows
I breathe in all your exhales
to fill myself with you.

Tonight I'll lie alone and dream
as I pretend now, in the sun.
I'll dream my toes smell like your tickles
my hair is stiff with your half braids
I'll see your freckled, joy-flecked face
and feel our heartbeats syncopate
when I return to you.

Between my book-end fantasies
I'll fill my days with something else.
Not make-believe or dress-up games
or puddle dancing in the rain.
Until my precious dream returns
of kisses slick with lollipops,
chubby fingers wrapped in mine,
"I love you" in your eyes
in a world I've never seen
a world built just for you.

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